Safety Net — By James K. Glassman

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Overview of Safety Net

Jim Glassman discusses his book, Safety Net.

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The Middle East
and Democracy

C-SPAN | Washington Journal

Jim Glassman talked about the role of diplomacy and use of the Internet and social media in political uprisings happening in the Middle East.

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Reducing Your
Investment Risks

Fox Business

"The Safety Net" author James Glassman on how to protect your investments during turbulent times.

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Dow 36,000 Author Changes
His Tune, Now Preaching

Yahoo Finance

Interview With James Glassman

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James Glassman: Dow 36,000 Still in the Cards

Yahoo Finance

Interview with James Glassman

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Ideas in Action

Ideas in Action with Jim Glassman is a new half-hour weekly series on ideas and their consequences.

Each edition of the new series, hosted by veteran journalist, scholar and diplomat Jim Glassman, will present a discussion of trends, conditions, and ideas at the heart of the important issues of the day. Viewers engage with a diverse group of economists, historians, anthropologists, political scientists, demographers, and social philosophers, as well as authorities from many other disciplines. Andrew Walworth is Executive Producer.

Getting America
Back to Work

It's no surprise the economy is on the minds of most Americans. One in ten of us is out of work. It's a rate that hasn't changed in a year and a half. So why aren't jobs being created?

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British Austerity:
Should the US Try
Cutting Costs UK-Style?

British leaders are adopting a plan to cut public spending in that country by $131 billion dollars

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Thomas Sowell:
A Conversation With
One of America's Leading

Thomas Sowell is considered one of America's leading conservatives. He analyzes political, economic and foreign policy via his nationally syndicated column.

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CNBC: Kudlow Report

James Glassman discuss economic forecasts and financial markets.

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